Duty free Diesel, gasoil, super unleaded fuel
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Mediterranean Yacht Agents is one of the Mediterranean’s leading yacht agents, providing a complete range of support and assistance to all superyachts and yachts, ensuring a safe cruise wherever the destination is. It represents professional and reliable system of Partners specialised for broad range of highly developed yacht services highly specialised for charters, however not neglecting all other aspects of yacht agent industry. Our operational words are: dedication and professionalism , where we with an equal attention aproach to all isues related to both people and vessels.

With the mission to provide all-encompassing support, MYA offers global assistance to the yachting and superyacht industries, 24-hours a day, 365 days a year.

Combining local experience, wide industry insight and worldwide knowledge, MYA serve clients' demands through an advanced, user friendly and modern system.

Well-integrated, joined work of our representative branches and complementary skills of our European partners represents highlight of our work and setts our benchmark worlwide.

Immaculate operational system of our offices allows us to deliver projects for a wide scope of clients where we look beyond the standard market demands so as to establish the best practice and deliver genuine values.