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Coco Chanel said: Keep your heels, head and standards high.

We at MYA are well aware that excellent concierge service represents essential part of your trip; therefore we focused on the task to make your life easier and more beautiful ashore and afloat.

We took the idea one step further and provide full scope of services in all our four European ports.

While putting ourselves in your shoes, we were thinking about the questions you might have on your mind while traveling. We listed them and we provided all necessary.

Need a tender? Need a best chef? Need a helicopter pilot or a helicopter? Need housekeeper, gardener, vip entry to event? Need elaborative travel agenda, private jet rental, restaurant booking, visa help, messages delivery or emergency assistance? Need all that together? Sure it is possible. 

Similar to a 5-star hotel concierge, or even beyond, MYA yacht concierges are full-service providers who will make your entire yachting experience spectacular- from its start to finish.