Cayo Largo del Sur

Located on the south of Cuba in the Los Canarreos archipelago this is a useful port of entry if arriving from Islas Mujeres, Mexico, with a decent marina in a sheltered lagoon.

The marina monitors VHF Channel 16 and being used to yachts, formalities are relatively straightforward. Officials and marina staff are reported to be friendly and helpful.

Clearance is possible 7 days a week and the bank is also open 7 days a week for currency exchange.

You can enter the marina and tie up for your clearing in formalities, but you do not have to stay. Alternatively, anchor and dinghy in with your papers.

Your papers will be taken away to be processed and visas will be provided within the hour. A doctor will want to make a short health check of all crew members and Agriculture will want to come on board to inspect food stuffs.

Any rubbish landed is automatically burnt.

Cayo Largo is a good place to extend your tourist visa because all of the requisite services are in the same place.


The channel to the marina is buoyed, but is both shallow and narrow in places (see adjacent report).


There is plenty of room to anchor in the outer bay with shelter from the North and East. Yachts at anchor do have to pay a fee here (as with Cienfuegos and Casilda) of $ .30 / ft/day.


The marina serves the many local hotels with tours and ferrys to the best beaches.

The marina is made up of a concrete dock that runs along the shore with three long floating jetties extending seawards, all with 8m finger pontoons attached.

The first jetty as you enter is for locals. The second jetty is for international visitors with the larger berths closer to shore. The third jetty is still not complete.

Available water is not potable and the power supply is extremely variable (reported to be more "off" than "on").

There is a plan to dredge the shallow lagoon beyond the jetties to make a hurricane hole.


There is fuel available here at a modern fuel dock around the corner from the marina, a bar/restaurant, a small convenience store that sells a few expensive staples and a decent selection (for Cuba) of wines and spirits. Fresh bread is also available, but it must be reserved. There is a bank (but no ATM) and a post office.

Internet is available by the usual Cuban 1hr or 5hr cards and there are daily flights to Havana.


Note there is no fishing permitted at Cayo Largo. There are game wardens on duty and they will confiscate your equipment if they catch you fishing.