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Whenever thinking about new travel venture, apart from pleasurable thoughts, you probably catch yourself overwhelmed with many questions. This is why MYA is there- to show you the way (not only in the nautical sense).

Being aware that yachting world industry becomes increasingly complicated and intensive, we created our port booking model which is fully focused on supporting you and your crew. Let’s quickly elaborate this.

What to expect of MYA when you meet us

Once you sail into our lovely waters, expect your level stress radically minimized, since MYA 24h onshore support will take care of all the standard and 'back of house' aspects of port booking. In this way, you and your crew can experience true relief and focus on your internal plans and roles. Sounds good, doesn’t it? Plus it’s true.

Whether you wish to charter your yacht year round, simply select few charters or a shorter stay, MYA will endeavour to maximize the pleasures of your stay and do all the necessary to exceed your expectations.

Place your trust in our berth booking thoroughly developed system where our team elaborated every single detail to leave you to fully enjoy the benefits of ownership.

We know who we are and we know what we offer. These are: positive attitude, professionalism at every step, personalized, responsive and creative services to focus on your most specific needs. However, we are also aware that you heard this many times before. Therefore we encourage you to contact our enthusiastic and dedicated team and ask all the questions which might interest you.

The only way to trust us is to experience us. Start with the booking port.

For all the questions about the booking procedure, but also for the details we might need to make your visit unforgettable, please contact us.