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MYA is yacht agent network who provides numerous and exceptional support services. MYA offices are based in: Montenegro, Croatia, Italy, Greece, Turkey, Albania and Cuba, where experienced teams stay at disposal 24/7, 365 days a year. Their support services include: ports of entry, tax-free bunkering or provisioning of the fuel and lubricants at very competitive prices, luxury charter, VIP transportation and private transfers, duty free goods, work on travel itineraries, assistance in yacht clearance and formalities, immigration, medical support, provision of spare parts and more.

Our mission is to offer all types of yacht agent services and suite various demands of guests while making sure to provide client with safe and relaxed stay in our ports. Being mindful of the tiniest details, our internationally diverse team provides support services from the very beginning. We cover everything from docking to departure in our partner ports but also comply with individual requests such as: yacht management solutions, crew support, luxury concierge etc. MYA's goal is to maximize the opportunities for unique, relaxed and completely safe stay of clients.

Through wide range of support services, MYA represents top-notch network of Mediterranean yacht agents. MYA mission is to make yacht owners, captains and crew feel comfortable in pleasant environment while vessels are under their care. Whether you are looking for typical support services such as port clearance, concierge, provisioning, taking on fuel or someone to guide you through technical aspects of your stay, MYA is keeping an acute eye on everything. The idea is to ensure the captains and crew to facilitate all works in efficient manner whilst everything is serving the purpose to provide guests with enjoyable port stay.

MYA offers all, from tax free fuel to premium provisioning & concierge

Once you get to any of the MYA partner ports in Montenegro, Italy, Greece or Croatia, you get it all: starting from the best and tax-free fuel, to various VIP services or provisioning according to the concrete needs. Nevertheless you need quality supplier for fuel or excellent provisioning from the best suppliers, MYA yacht agent makes sure you get it, in highly efficient manner.

Through professionalism demonstrated at bunkering stations MYA provides only carefully selected fuel from trusted suppliers, which complies with international standards. Fuel is mostly tax-free but alternatively, feel free to contact our partners for very competitive rates. We also offer: smooth obtaining of documentation, efficiency in urgent needs, VIP transportation such as private jet, delivery of the best wines and spirits, excellent local or international food and much more. Knowing that no two vessels are ever the same, while offering various yacht agent services we evolved to personalized service which complies with various requirements of every specific client.

With MYA's broad offer, you will have all you need, right when you need it. Therefore, in case you need highly professional yacht agent with wide range of support services in four attractive Mediterranean ports, make sure MYA becomes your first choice.