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At MYA, we don't believe in indirect help: we decided to be fully dedicated and assist you in all aspects of your trip. Therefore, in case of need, we will not just send a technician away and forget on you. We will follow up every segment of work in order to be sure that it is properly done.

One of the elements of our support is the assistance with the technical aspects of your voyage: MYA team check-up all repairs, ensure spare parts quick supply and make sure that the job is completed properly and timely.

You don’t have to wait any more or question the quality of the product you get. Due to our strategic locations and perfect relationships with local service companies we are able to provide the high quality spare parts and prioritize your project. You can also relax when it comes to timeframe and prices: MYA’s comprehensive service will not only resolve any problem you might have but will also perform timely repairs at the best rates you can imagine.

Sure, we understand you- nobody wants to have any technical issues on the trip. We hope you will not need it but if so, don’t worry- you will have the best team around you.

Note: please find link to download form for all technical inquiries you might have