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While living in the times of increased tightening of regulations, their variations from port to port, from land to land, we are well aware how confusing and stressful customs clearance might be for you. Therefore, if you ask us at MYA, we would make it compulsory for yacht agents to have very broad and absolutely outstanding local knowledge.

This is why we worked on our insight and experience. So as to prevent any paperwork frustration you might have on your trip, our professional team at MYA Europe-wide will strive to simplify the process wherever possible.

We developed deep knowledge of the local customs regulations in all four countries. In addition, we worked on our in-debt insight in immigration, fiscal authorities and any other formalities to make sure you sail smoothly into our waters.

Dear guest, let’s be absolutely clear here: once you approach Italian, Montenegrin, Croatian, Greek, Turkish, Albanian and Cuban waters, MYA agency representatives at ports will make sure you just relax: we will handle all port arrangements and formalities involving arrivals, departures, customs, border protection and harbor masters. Now, this sounds comforting. We are sure you did not plan this voyage so as to battle the paperwork.